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English Harbor West Heavy Duty Towing

With over thirty years of experience in the automobile industry, Evans Garage is one of the leading tow truck companies in English Harbor West. We believe in honesty and transparency and that is why we are always straightforward with rates and costs. Our specialization in heavy duty towing services allows us to tow large scale vehicles such as: tractor trailers and trucks. For exceptionally efficient, affordable and effective towing services, use us as your go-to tow truck helpline.

The Benefits of a Using a Professional Towing Service in English Harbor West

Calling a friend or relying on kindly motorists and good Samaritans to help you out of a stitch or in this case, a ditch, sometimes isn’t enough. More often than not, using the wrong technique and equipment will cause further damage to an already impaired vehicle, which is the last thing you want! You’re already stuck paying for repairs, don’t hike up those costs with a botched up towing job. When it comes to proper towing and car maintenance, call the professionals.

Save Money with Evans Garage Towing Services

Evans Garage is a licensed and insured automotive company concentrated in providing English Harbor West with towing services for heavier and heftier vehicles and that the ones that did exist had extremely expensive rates and a lot of hidden fees. Our team of professional mechanics offer car towing solutions at exceptionally competitive rates. We also make sure to provide you with full disclosure regarding prices. Absolutely all of our transactions are transparent with zero hidden charges.

Emergency Towing Service in English Harbor West

When you call Evans Garage for your towing needs, you are getting emergency services provided to you by certified professionals. Our technicians are experienced, friendly and knowledgeable. We will get the job done in no time at all and we are available 24 hours, seven days a week and can be reached by phone. No one should have to deal with being stranded because of car/truck trouble. We know how stressful it can be, so give us a call when you’re stuck, no matter how big your vehicle is, we can help you.

Commercial Heavy Duty Towing

Are you a business owner or a driver who often uses tractor trailers for importing, exporting and transporting goods or merchandise? When it comes to towing, most companies do not have the right equipment to successfully and properly remove heavy duty items or vehicles that have stalled or run off-road. Evans Garage is able to take take care of even the heaviest most complicated loads.

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Use Evans Garage for your emergency heavy duty towing services in English Harbor West. When it comes to client care, we always put our customers first and do our best to work as quickly as possible. We also offer mechanic services that will get your vehicle back up on the road in no time at all. For more information regarding rates, give us a call!